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Mailer photos by Penny Dhaemers
  The retrospective exhibition Videospace: National Center for Experiments in Television, 1967 - 1975 was assembled by the Pacific Film Archive and presented at The Berkeley Art Museum, September 14 - Nov 15, 2000. The curators were Steve Seid, Video Curator of the Pacific Film Archives and Maria Troy, Associate Curator of the Wexner Center. (Web posting)  
  The exhibit comprised tapes of NCET productions, still images, assorted memorabilia, the Beck Direct Video Synthesizer, and the Videola - not to mention (on opening night) surviving members, interns, involved associates and friends of the NCET group.  
  Here is a smattering of photos from the occasion, captioned with best identifications we could manage (and profuse apologies for any omissions or errors - (please write if you spot any).  
  The gallery space  
  Beck Direct Video Synthesizer (foreground), Videola and memorabilia display (background)  
  Beck Direct Video Synthesizer and display monitors  
  Display monitor, Vidoela photographs and Videola  
  The Videola from the side (what the audience should never see). This smaller version of the Videola was ingeniously reconstructed from 8 of the original 12 mirrors, by the Berkeley Museum staff. These mirrors were mercifully salvaged by Stephen Beck from a KQED dumpster.  
  Color photos of the Viodeola display by Penny Dhaemers (circa 1973)  
  The Videola doing 'it's thing'  
  NCET memorabilia display being installed  
  Completed memorabilia display under glass  
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