Videospace - Berkeley Art Museum - 2000 (PAGE 3)
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Former NCET staff and participants:

Back row: Paul Kaufman (Director of NCET), Warner Jepson (composer-in-residence), Stephen Beck (Circuit designer and video artist-in-residence), Rick Davis (Electronics engineer and unofficial artist), Alan Hinderstein (Intern from WGBH), Bill Roarty (Artist-in-residence).

Front row: Joanne Kyger (Poet-in-residence - KQED Experimental Project), Loren Sears (Filmmaker-in-residence - KQED Experimental Project), Ron Pelligrino (Guest Video artist), Woody Vasulka (Video artist-in-residence), Penny Dhaemers (NCET photographer), Richard Felciano (Composer-in-residence)

  The opening night crowd  
  NCET tapes on display  
  Joanne Kyger, Penny Dhaemers (back), Paul Kaufman, Warner Jepson's daughter Kiira, and Warner himself  
  Warner and Kiira, Paul Kaufman, Penny Dhaemers, and Joanne Kyger  
  Stephen Beck with Richard Felciano  
  Two unidentified participants with Bill Roarty, and Ron Pelligrino  
  Warner Jepson with his daughter Kiira  
  Curator Steve Seid prepares the audience for the live Videola concert  
  Curators Steve Seid and Maria Troy watch the concert (Steve standing on chair, and Maria foreground left with hand on ear. Warner Jepson, center.)  
  Rick Davis concludes the evening by taping the memorabilia display (And yes, that's an emmy in the foreground.)  
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