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This page comprises the best compilation we have, thus far, been able to achieve of the folks who were involved first in the KQED Experimental Project, and those who later formed, comprised and aided NCET in its multiple missions.  Apologies are offered in advance for any omissions. They are by no means intentional, but have escaped almost 40 years of collective personal memory.  Those who's names appear in yellow were direct contributors to the artistic output of NCET, and have pages of their own.


Brice Howard (KQED Workshop Director)
Paul Kaufman (Scholar in Residence and Co-Director)
Rita Howard (Administrative Secretary)
Richard Felciano (Composer - Linearity)
Robert Zagone (Director and "Videospace Mixer" - Descartes, Linearity, West Pole, ¡Heimskringla!, War is Hell, Golden Gate, Susanne, Oscilloscope, and Sorcery)
Tom O'Horgan (Dramatic Director - ¡Hiemskringla!)
Charles Olson (Poet)
Robert Creeley (Poet)
Loren Sears (Filmmaker)
Bill Brown (Novelist)
Joanne Kyger (Poet - Descartes)
Phillip Green (Filmmaker - KQED / Co-creator Golden Gate)
John Graham (Dancer/movement artist)
Bill Jones (Staff Artist - KQED / Creator of Graham Tape Delay)
William Allen (Painter/sculptor Co-creator - War is Hell)
Robert Nelson (Co-creator - War is Hell)
Paul Foster (Playwright - ¡Heimskringla!)
Actors from La mama Theater - NY (cast of ¡Heimskringla!)
James Day (General Manager - KQED)
Bob Heustis (Former Chief Engineer - KQED)
Walt Bjerke (Technical Director - KQED)
Bernie Stauffer (Staff Engineer - KQED / co-creator - Golden Gate)



Brice Howard (NCET founder and Director)
Paul Kaufman (Scholar in Residence and Executive Director)
Rita Howard (NCET Administrative Secretary)
Anna Turner ( Information Director and Tape Librarian)
Marvin Duckler (Production Manager/Associate Director)
Dean Peterson (General Assistant)
Stephen Beck (Circuit Engineer and Electronic Videographer - creator of the Beck Direct Video Synthesizer)
Richard Felciano (Composer - Artist in Residence)
Bill Gwin (Video Artist in Residence)
Don Hallock (Video Artist in Residence)
Warner Jepson (Composer - Artist in Residence)
Bill Roarty (Video Artist in Residence)
Willard Rosenquist (Video Artist in Residence)
Rick Davis (Sound Designer - non-staff)
David Dowe (Director of the SMU Texas branch)
George Kaplan (Psychologist-in-Residence)
Ernest Callenbach (Author - Ecotopia)
Richard Moore (General Manager - KQED)
Mimi Scott (Secretary)
Sarah Wingfield (Assistant Seminar Coordinator)

Bernie Stauffer (Staff Engineer - c 1971)
Rick Davis (Circuit Engineer and Staff Engineer - c 1971/73)
David Meyer (Staff Engineer - c 1973/4)
Kurt Machein (Technical Director - c 1973)
Rich Stevens (Staff Engineer - c 1972/4)

Don Buchla (Creator of the Buchla Box audio synthesizer)
Penny Dhaemers (Official Photographer for NCET)
Larry Templeton (Electronics Engineer - created the Templeton Video Mixer)

John Graham (Dancer - "...Mother Goose")
Marty Fink (Production Manager - "Ecotopia" pilot)
Zelda Schiller-Fink (Assistant Art Director - "Ecotopia" pilot)
Robert Zagone (Director - "Ecotopia" pilot)
Steve Seid (Video Curator, Pacific Film Archive - curator of Videospace retrospective, Berkeley Art Museum, 2000)
Maria Troy (Associate Curator at the Wexner Center - curator of Videospace retrospective, Berkeley Art Museum, 2000)
John Minkowsky (Author of a forthcoming book on the important role played by three public television stations – KQED in San Francisco, WGBH in Boston, and WNET in New York – in the development of video art. John's contribution to the success of this site is nothing short of monumental.)

David Dowe (WGBH-TV)
Allan Hinderstein (WGBH-TV)
Bob Jungels (Rhode Island School of Design)

Aline O'Brien (who functioned in so many capacities that memory can't encompass them all - but who was particularly invaluable during the Videola project).
While in Berkeley, we were also blessed with a fine receptionist/secretary/phone operator, named Barbara.  She deserves our sincere thanks, even if we aren't ultimately successful in recalling her last name.

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