Marvin Duckler
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  Marvin (on left - barely) with Brice Howard at the Asilomar Conference - 1973  

Marvin came to NCET in 1972 as production manager at the urging of Brice Howard, following many years as a lighting director at CBS, New York, during the 'golden age of live television.'   Being rather on the quiet side, and not apparently inclined toward the production of video art, his work was mainly in the role of supporting the more prominent and/or flamboyant personalities on the NCET scene. Before his departure in about 1975, though, he had acceeded to the position of Associate Director under Paul Kaufman.

Probably his most public act was the preparation of a paper for the Asilomar Conference [TELEVISION: ART AND INFORMATION] intriguinfgly entitled Talking Faces, Eating Time and Electronic Catharsis (Adobe Acrobat file)

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