Dean Peterson
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Dean Peterson
  Dean Peterson  

I always thought of Dean as a somewhat Christ-like figure - not because he suffered, but because he was almost invariably good natured through thick and thin ( the way I imagine the real Jesus to have been).  If not that, he was invariably helpful.

He had been hired as a general assistant, and he never complained about what he was asked to do (and then some), no matter how menial, and did it with never a breath of complaint.  Dean moved almost the whole of NCET from Brannen Street to Folsom Street, and later to Berkeley.  He drove trucks, lugged heavy stuff, ran errands, pulled graphic cards, swept floors, and helped construct the Videola.  Later he transported all the Videola parts and equipment to SFMOMA, and was central to the setting up.  He was always there when you needed him - all you had to do was voice his name and he magically appeared from somewhere or other.

After the center closed Dean worked with TDK for a period of time, but his trail grows cold beyond that.

Dean Peterson
  in a gesture reminiscent of benediction, Dean plays with what he helped to construct.  
Daen at BAM
Dean with Willard Rosenquist at the Berkeley Art Museum Concert - 1974
  Photos by Don Hallock  

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