The The NCET Studio
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There are amazingly few photos which show NCET's studio(s), in operation, or vacant. Here are just a few images, captured from Video: the New Wave, a WGBH-TV production from 1973.

These pictures appear to show the Folsom Street studio (1972 - 1975), a dark and cavernous manufacturing and office space on the second floor.

  Here, Warner Jepson seems to be setting up the Buchla Box audio synthesizer, in preparation for a collaboration with Stephen Beck. Stephen's video synthesizer is in the foreground, and other necessary machinery is arrayed in the background. Almost all the center's equipment was on wheels, so as to make configurations unique to each production as easy as possible.  
  Warner at the Buchla Box (video synthesizer in the background).  
  Stephen Beck in the background of the Direct Video Synthesizer.  
  A typically intense Stephen.  
  Clowning: the Direct Video Synthesizer on auto-pilot.  
  Bill Roarty and Don Hallock conspiring (Photo from Radical Software article Video City)  
  Sometimes the space became impossibly cluttered, as here, showing Dean Peterson (red shirt) working on the construction of the Videola.  
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