Anna Turner
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Anna Turner

This, one of the few remaining photographs of Anna, was taken through the Videola in 1973.  Anna was a person of extraordinary depth and skill.  She more than filled the positions of general administrative assistant, tape librarian, universal consultant and confidant, and official Director of Information coordinating the authorship and publication of written materials concerning NCET.

Her work on behalf of the Videola was crucial to its success.  She wrote truly excellent press releases, and as a production assistant she was expert at running multiple stopwatches, keeping consummately intelligible notes (something artists really need help with), stopping and starting tape machines, and generally keeping our feet on the ground without pulling our heads out of the clouds.  During the exhibit at SFMOMA she performed the complex job of acting as liaison between the museum staff and NCET personnel.

Diplomatic to the core, Anna always provided the material of compromise, and the kind and sensible word which could avoid confrontations.  She was a central element of NCET's success.

Anna also had strong spiritual inclinations. (Most of us did in those days.) That's what initially drew Anna and I into a relationship which lasted about 2 years. After leaving NCET - which, I believe, was while we were at Folsom Street - she continued to co-produce and host (under the pseudonym of Annamystic) the radio program "Music from the Hearts of Space" (now the longest-running production of its type in the world) with co-host Stephen Hill (radio pseudonym: Timotheo). Anna and Stephen also launched the Music from the Hearts of Space recording company.

After a several years with Stephen and "Hearts...", and prior to her death in 1996, Anna embarked on an intense journey of spiritual inquiry. She spent considerable time studying with a channeled entity named Lazaris. I recall one of Anna's favorite stories relating to Lazaris and the concept of 'parallel realities.' In it, a sudent asks Lazaris if California will fall into the ocean. And Lazaris responds, "For those to whom it is important California fall into the ocean, it will. And for those to whom it is important California not fall into the ocean, it will not." This story undoubtedly appealed to Anna's subtle sense of humor - a quality which always lurked behind her eyes and smile, and informed her quite sly and beguiling charm.

Anna is remembered with great fondness by virtually all who knew her.

Read Anna's difinitive article on NCET, Video City, published in Radical Software, Volume 2, Number 3, 1972 (Though this piece is credited to multiple authors - Anna being generous to a fault - the actual article was Anna's.) (Adobe Acrobat file) (Internet posting)



Anna was also the very first person to audition the prototype Videola, in the fall of 1972, at the KQED Bryant Street studio.

  Photo by Panny D'Hamers        D.H.
  Anna and Bob Zagone - Asilomar 1973  
  (and here's the sweetness of Anna's nature)  
  Photo by Penny Dhaemers  
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