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Scream 1

OH NO!!!!

From this page you can download your own copy of the entire web site to view off-line.


INSTRUCTIONS: First create a folder on your hard drive, and name it NCET.  Then simply CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THE DOWNLOAD PROCESS.  When prompted, select 'SAVE TO DISK,' and deposit the file NCETSITE.EXE into your NCET folder (NCETSITE.EXE is a compressed, self-extracting file, which contains all the files on the NCET web site).

Next go to your NCET folder and double-click the NCETSITE.EXE file. If a warning appears cautioning you that .EXE files can contain viruses, proceed.  There are no viruses in this file.  If a dialog box appears asking where you would like the individual files to be placed.  Find your NCET folder again and select that.  If no dialog box appers, the individual files will probably be unpacked into the same directory (NCET).  Click 'START' or 'INSTALL' (or the equivalent) in the dialogue box and the individual files will be automatically unpacked into the NCET folder.  You can then, if you wish, delete the NCETSITE.EXE file, as all the site files should be unpacked and accessible.

Last, in your web browser, select 'OPEN FILE' and go to the NCET folder.  Open the INDEX.HTML file, and when it's opened BOOKMARK the file location for easy access.  Then, simploy follow the links as you would on-line.

NOTE:  Downloading the site file (NCETSITE.EXE) should be a fairly quick process if you are using cable or DSL.  It will take somewhat longer over a dial-up connection (patience is a virtue - especially in this case).

FURTHER NOTE: I you don't want the site files to occupy precious hard drive space, or if you would like to share the site with someone else, you can copy the files to a CD, and they can be viewed directly from the disk.


And there you have it - your own off-line copy.  Enjoy.


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